Wednesday, July 15, 2015


YES to negotiations, NO to war! Against continuing bitter opposition and sabotage, the international agreement with Iran is a significant step forward. As to progress toward ending the nuclear arms race and achieving nuclear disarmament, it's hardly a baby step. How about applying to all the nuclear powers the kind of scrutiny and restrictions agreed to with Iran? That would be doomsday for war hawks everywhere.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


There is a lot happening in the world of news, but my blogging pace has slowed and probably won’t pick up much for the rest of the Summer. There’s no particular reason— I’m still holding up quite well ‘for my age’. Let’s just say that sometimes my age gives me an excuse to be lazy without feeling too guilty. Or let’s say that there are a lot of younger voices out there saying things I might echo.

Anyway when I lapse into relative silence, it isn’t because I feel less deeply about the aftermath of the Charleston church massacre, or less angry about the arrogant and cruel behavior of Europe’s money bags toward the brave Greek people and their government. Also, I remain very anxious to see a growing concern and conversation about US foreign and military policy. I’m impressed with pro-peace activities by groups and coalitions like Win Without War, US Labor Against War, Just Foreign Policy and the many groups opposing Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

All the best!