Wednesday, August 28, 2013



Stand with Syrians for peace. Act now.

Leon, like you, we were horrified by reports last week of the attacks around Damascus that claimed so many lives. We condemn these attacks and any use of chemical weapons in Syria in the strongest terms possible.
As the world watches, the US and other governments are considering responses. Syria's men, women and children already have endured terrible suffering since this conflict began more than two years ago. Instead of focusing on military options and arming the parties involved, President Obama, President Putin and other world leaders should intensify peaceful efforts to end the conflict, before Syria is destroyed and the region made even more unstable.
As Oxfam works on the ground to provide much-needed humanitarian aid, we call on the Obama Administration to show courage against the tide of war and do all they can to find a peaceful, political solution to end the bloodshed in Syria.

Secretary Kerry: Stand with Syrians for peace, not war

After the horrifying attacks reported last week around Damascus, the world's eyes are on Syria.
Oxfam condemns the indiscriminate targeting of civilians in Syria and any use of chemical weapons in particular, in the strongest terms possible, and we urge all parties involved to respect international humanitarian law.
However, these attacks must not be used to justify military intervention or pouring more arms into the conflict. There is a clear risk that military intervention will make the situation worse. Instead, the Obama Administration and other world leaders should be intensifying peaceful efforts to find a political solution to the crisis.
More than 100,000 lives have been lost due to this conflict over more than two years of fighting, and millions of people are in need of immediate humanitarian aid. It has been especially devastating for children: Just last week, the UN announced that one million Syrian children are now refugees. Many have seen their homes bombed, their schools reduced to rubble, their communities destroyed. The military intervention currently under discussion will not, and is not aimed at stopping this violence.
Syria's men, women and children have endured terrible suffering. As Oxfam works on the ground to provide them with much-needed humanitarian aid, we join Syrians in their call for an end the bloodshed once and for all.
It's time to show courage against the tide of war. It's time to take concrete action and hold peace talks – which were promised months ago, but have yet to happen. A peaceful, political solution can be found if world leaders act urgently to make a peace summit happen.
Stand with us and the people of Syria. Urge Secretary of State Kerry and the Obama Administration to push for peace talks and find a political solution to end the bloodshed now.

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