Tuesday, December 24, 2013


RECORD DEPORTATIONS — Hard to understand, impossible to justify.….

From the beginning of his first term, Obama has been submerged in conflicting currents. Whatever his personal commitments to peace, civil liberties. economic and social justice, they are countered by the conviction that he must prove his credibility as head of the world’s primary imperial power and commander-in-chief of its vast military establishment.

So, much as I strongly oppose the catastrophic NSA surveillance dragnet and the ghastly drone program, I’m not surprised by Obama’s stance. And I can still recognize positions that distinguish Obama from war hawks like John McCain and support his preference for peace (e.g. negotiations with Iran).

But why is the Obama Administration breaking all records for deportations? How can Obama stand by — no, actually enforce — the cruel destruction of families, seizing parents away from their children, wrecking marriages, separating brothers and sisters? His only answer, breaking the inexplicable silence, is that it’s up to Congress (this worst Congress since the time of slavery) to produce “reform”.

Is there no dramatic action Obama can take? Why can’t the President take this elementary human and moral issue forcefully to the people, with confidence in the conscience of the nation (most of it anyway)?

What would happen if the President said: “Stop”? What if, as a matter of conscience, the Administration refused to continue enforcing current policies of large-scale deportation?

Would Obama be impeached? Or would the public conscience wake up, the family wreckers be damned?

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