Thursday, March 6, 2014


Somehow I don’t feel the urge any longer to say my 2 cents every time a new storm erupts in international power relations. It’s not that there isn’t a great deal to be said concerning all the important actors — their conflicting motives and the dangerous possibilities. But while things are always changing, so much is sickeningly the same. So much intrigue, posturing, and recklessness in the corridors of power…. all camouflaged as virtue on each side as against evil on the other.

The standoff in the Ukraine is reminiscent of crises that were once prelude to the monumentally tragic imperialist World War I. Hopefully, there is enough experience with the futility of war, enough hatred of war, so that today’s multiple crises may be contained politically and diplomatically. For that we’ll have to depend on the will and power of people everywhere. But an end to the games imperial powers play is not on the horizon, not mine anyway.

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