Wednesday, April 8, 2015


What are the odds, a fortuitous video from a chance bystander versus police guns and systemic racism? Finally, a police murder of an unarmed black man is captured in full film detail: a man running, shot in the back, a gun fired eight times, the victim handcuffed on the ground while bleeding to death, a cool killer walking away to get an object (possibly a taser gun) that he then dropped near the victim.

What was in the killer’s mind? After all, he had to know about Ferguson, to which his city of North Charleston, S.C., bears a striking similarity: an 80% white police force in a majority black community. That’s pretty much the norm in communities of color across the country. Given past history (and current reality), he didn’t have to worry much about the odds. He appeared remarkably composed as he followed a scenario that seemed almost routine.

The camera doesn’t lie. But there will never be enough cameras to prevent injustice and indict every violent hater. Only a thoroughly aroused community, of all colors, can guarantee safety and justice for all.

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  1. This evening, watched interviews on MSNBC with the cameraman citizen who showed us the truth and the victim's two brothers who are still In shock but able to express their feelings of loss in a very touching way. I hope that public awareness of police behavior will assist in preventing this type of criminality in the future. Also, someone on NPR spoke about police hiring practices leaning toward military veterans, who may still be trigger-happy. What do others think about this?