Monday, October 12, 2015


An American fascist caucus has formed within the US Congress.

John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy are too weak to satisfy the Ted Cruz cohort. Don’t underestimate the caucus. It has a constituency and the support of the Koch and Adelson fortunes. Worse, what distinguishes it from Boehner, McCarthy and nearly all GOP presidential hopefuls is strictly tactical: boldness versus some caution regarding the most practical route to presidential power. The raw political power of the extreme right is now a clear and present danger to our country and to the world.

Is this over the top? I admit to being old enough to have my thoughts scarred by bitter memories of a previous century. But I do remember how long it took most of the world to recognize the face of fascism. I do remember that the way was paved by disbelief and disunity, even mockery, as democratic institutions cracked and finally crumbled.

There is no easy political answer. Only the American people can turn things around. The response to Bernie Sanders is hopeful. His message is rallying millions to organize and fight for economic and social equality. For her part, Hillary Clinton has moved over to oppose the pro-corporate Trans-Pacific Trade Pact, but remains distinctly hawkish on foreign and military policy.

But the most important moment is now, not a year from now. In addition to so many urgent issues progressives are acting on, nothing  is more important than to arouse people to anger over the spectacle now enfolding in Congress. There is a wrecking crew at work. It is taking aim at everything worthwhile in the country, hell-bent on replacing democracy with oligarchy. It is spearheading total commitment to military confrontation and war.

It’s time, maybe past time, to put aside rose colored glasses, time to turn the tide.

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