Saturday, May 28, 2016


After my last blog, some responses led me to another thought about the unity needed to defeat Trump. Of course it’s a two way street. The need is for voters who choose between Sanders and Clinton in the primaries to be open to what moved many friends to vote the other way. One has to distinguish serious concerns from personal likes and dislikes, and from Trump’s smears churned out to demonize both Clinton and Sanders. Clearly unity depends on finding consensus on enough to move forward effectively, not on everything. The significant differences between Sanders and Clinton are not as important as the interests that bind the voters and movements that surround each candidate. 

In that regard, media “news” coverage is far from helpful. An article in today's NY Times quotes supposed Sanders demonstrators who demonize Hillary and boast a preference for Trump:

That doesn't represent the view of Sanders or most of his supporters. There is a responsibility to strongly refute such ideas. I wouldn't be surprised  if Trump and the GOP (notorious for "dirty tricks") had a hand in promoting such self-destructive expressions around the edges of the Sanders campaign.

Nevertheless, the Times reporter felt no responsibility of his own for an accurate story. Instead he misled and goaded the public to anticipate that the democratic primaries will culminate in an irreconcilable shoot-out.

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