Friday, July 8, 2016


The next horror wasn't long in coming. Dallas, St. Paul, and Baton Rouge, all within just over a day.

Taken together, what happened in rapid succession in these three distant locations may have the greatest impact on the country, its direction, and the upcoming elections.

There is polarization on basic economic policy and also, potentially, on crucial matters of war and peace. But the future may well turn on the storm over systemic racism and violence. Race hatred, jingoism and xenophobia are what Trump counts on to inflame vigilantes in the name of "law and order". Racism is the fault line on which he hopes to stage an upset win in November.

The conscience of many Americans has been shaken by heart-searing videos and by the rising cry that Black Lives Matter. Will the appeal of justice and reason be strong enough to prevent escalation of the violence into a full-blown war? Can it force a halt to the killings? Can it bring about a massive rejection of Trump and Trumpism?


  1. mary ann zeppetelloJuly 9, 2016 at 9:05 AM

    I am so very disheartened today. I know how Trump happened upon us and it leaves me shaking my head that this is where I find myself in the last years of my life. I am forcing myself to remember the dark days of the red scare and the threat of nuclear war in the Cuban Missile Crisis and know we moved on from there. Now it appears we have traveled backwards.....except I also know that the issue of blatant racism is always lurking waiting for an explosion. There was never an emancipation in the true sense of the word.

  2. Looking at the pattern of this week's violence both by and against the police, I can't help but feel we'd all be a lot safer if our cops didn't carry firearms. When people live in relative squalor right next to others of another race who live in comfort, and when they are patrolled by what amounts to an occupying force, violent incidents are sure to occur. I think police should patrol without firearms, and should call in special units on those very rare occasions where armed confrontation becomes necessary. A little more gun control legislation wouldn't hurt either!

  3. Leon, Your blog is short and sweet!

    I was back on the Saturday VIGIL this morning. My sign says "GUN CONTROL NOW!"

    A photographer took our picture. I will forward a cop to you when I get it.

    Love, Estelle