Monday, January 9, 2017


It’s time to shift this blog away from almost exclusive commentary on current political issues. That’s despite the fact that our country is at a turning point that may prove more fateful than any since the Civil War.

Resetting the focus of this little blog of mine is a personal need, not a political statement. It has to do with being 95, staying engaged without ignoring the realities, minus and plus, of aging. I could go on about the negatives of old age, but perhaps there are some positives that I can call on exactly because I’m a lucky old man. I’m in relatively good health, with lots of time these days for musing and many exciting years to look back on.

My intentions are tentative and not ambitious: comments on books and movies, more sharing of responses to music; reflections on experiences I’ve had and choices I’ve made. I’ll continue to think about politics (the “big picture”) and won’t be able to resist an occasional essay on a hot political issue. My practice has been to email a list of interested people when I post a new blog. I’ll do less of that now so as not to attach undue importance to casual musings. I imagine some of my readers will look in on my blog from time to time without frequent email prompts. I hope some of you will stay in touch, emailing me comments, questions and suggestions.

I suppose what I have in mind lends itself to Face Book, but I’m more comfortable with this familiar setting.

Tomorrow, or in the next couple of days, I’ll start the shift with a few musings about the movie, “Hidden Figures”, and a great book, “Just Mercy”.


  1. Hi Leon,

    Keep on musing! It's called the personal essay. A few years ago, I was doing these for NPR's Weekend Edition, writing about whatever I was thinking about: the wind, water, sun, vaccines, evolution, even the immune system. My pieces were short ... three minutes of air time for each one, except the one on evolution. For that one, my producer allowed me four minutes, because she was so mad that Americans thought it was "only a theory." (I pointed out that gravity is also a theory, but very few people jump up and fear that they won't come down.) Anyway, it's a great format ... and I hope you will find it as engaging as I did. By the way, you can listen to mine (there are about 20 of them) by going to the NPR website and searching Ruth Levy Guyer. How amazing that you are 95! Best, Ruth

  2. You inspire us. March on!

  3. Oh no, no Facebook! This is just right, right here. And I like getting an email telling me you have a new post, whether it's a casual musing or a political breakthrough. Susan (Wofsy)

  4. I like getting the emails, too, and will continue to enjoy and appreciate your postings.