Saturday, June 8, 2013


PAST 90 (5)

This is not really a "memoir" vignette — just a little confession in lieu of a proper apology to people whose email I treated carelessly by forgetting to keep the recipient list private. I have a strange syndrome that I can't pass off on my advanced years since it's happened before. I'm usually punctual and "never" forget to keep an appointment; but if it happens once in a blue moon, then it's certain to be repeated in short order once or even twice. Similarly, when I send email to a group of friends, I "always" use "bcc" so no one's privacy is abused. But "always" now includes two exceptions within the past two days.

Strange that this should happen coincident with current disclosures of the government's Big Brother surveillance dragnet. Small comfort for me to know that even if I used "bcc", Google would likely have no trouble informing spy agencies and marketers on demand, privacy be damned.

Anyway, I'm sorry again; hope there's not another next time.

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