Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Yes, share the joy of a battle hard-won over discrimination and cruelty. That gives hope where the odds overall are rigged in favor of the powerful few.

I wonder what would have happened if the 5-4 today had duplicated yesterday’s 5-4. Coming on top of the sequester and the arrogant rejection of any form of gun control, would that finally have sparked a massive public explosion of dissent?  Certainly those who fought militantly for gay rights, like the earlier courageous fighters for civil rights, would be capable of mounting a big response and moving millions in support. Maybe Justice Kennedy thought a bit about that, as might Chief Justice Roberts who controls the order in which decisions become public.

Kennedy’s occasional tilting of the 5-4 seesaw makes him no hero. (David Brooks today declared himself a big Kennedy fan.) The dominant five on today’s Supreme Court make a travesty of fairness, justice, and democracy. What they did to the Voting Rights Act is a disgrace, giving the go-ahead to frantic voter restriction schemes aimed at holding back the tide of demographic change and progress.

No cheers for Kennedy, but a big shout-out of happiness for those who fight so well in order to enjoy the elementary right to love and marriage.

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